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“Zack” had been seen by his local veterinarian for lameness in his left forelimb. Upon examination, no obvious problems were presented. The local vets recommended amputation of this forelimb. Desperate for help, his owners brought him to The Vet at the Barn for a second opinion. “Zack” was examined by Dr. Galit Levin who recommended having radiographs, a full blood work panel, as well as an MRI. These diagnostic tests came back inconclusive. The only thing that we were absolutely sure of is that "Zack's" condition was a neurological problem. Dr. Levin suggested that “Zack” undergo both electro acupuncture and rehabilitation with Ferno’s underwater treadmill. The owners pursued treatment as per Dr. Levin suggestions, and “Zack’s” physical rehabilitation sessions were done by Danielle, the head of the rehab program here at the Vet at the Barn.


After several acupuncture and hydrotherapy treatments “Zack” began to walk more normally. He was discharged from our outpatient treatment after he was full weight bearing on the limb. A month later the owners called stating he was now having trouble with his right limb. This condition seemed to travel and now affected both limbs. “Zack was unable to get around normally, he would use his elbow as his paw to walk and even then it was very difficult for him. “Zack’s” activity level dropped and he gained weight which made it even hardier for him to walk. Acupuncture and hydrotherapy were restarted immediately.


After a few acupuncture sessions the owners discontinued with it. They still continued with the rehabilitation in the underwater treadmill. “Zack” loves his rehabilitation sessions. He can not wait to see “D”; at least that is how his owners have to refer to Diane because he gets too excited if he hears her name. “Zack” now walks, runs, jumps and has full use of all his limbs.

The owners said that he is back to normal, almost as if nothing ever happened.

Prince Charming


Prince Charming, a 7 year old neutered male, French bulldog, came to The Vet at the Barn in March 2005 for a consultation on rear limb lameness. After diagnostic testing, included but not limited to, orthopedic examination, neurological examination, blood chemistries, and radiographs, Beverly Cappel, DVM diagnosed him with spinal deformities of the thoracic spine and Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD) of the lumbar spine. This condition was causing Prince Charming to loose the awareness of where his paws were. If untreated it would have caused paralysis.


Both Beverly Cappel, DVM and Gloria Binkowski, VMD treated Prince Charming with acupuncture and put Prince on several different supplements to support his spine and immune system. Prince Charming responded very well to the acupuncture and began to slowly improve. He also received chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Marc Sommer.


In May 2005 Prince Charming began physical rehabilitation with Danielle Riviera, CCRP, CMT. He underwent hydrotherapy in the underwater treadmill and many different weight bearing therapeutic exercises. More than two years have passed and Prince Charming can run with the best of them with no signs of lameness.


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